PART- I  (Caution for Customers)

Please note that Apical Engineering & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is importing equipment by the trademark ‘Sonoff’ and is being supplied to our authorized dealers throughout India. The company never permits online sales through any Other website/portal. We request you to be cautious and not to buy ‘Sonoff’’ products online from other websites, for which the company will not be responsible for any damage or loss due to faulty, duplicate, substandard, refurbished material bought through the website. The company will not provide after-sale service for equipment purchased online without our warranty cards or from other sellers.
Customers are advised to buy the ‘Sonoff’ brand of the product only from an authorized dealer in their city. If ‘Sonoff’ dealer/showroom is not available in your area please approach the nearest city to buy the ‘Sonoff’’ product, the list of authorized dealers will be displayed on our website soon:

PART- II (Pricing): 
All electronics equipment prices shall differ from state to state due to transportation, packing, and other overheads.

PART- III (Caution for Customers)

(a) As electronics equipment are specialized products for your health and well being and also require regular after-sales service, we request you that it should be bought only from our authorized ‘Sonoff’ dealer appointed by the company or its distributor. It should be never bought from any other source/website.
(b) Other sources/ websites may entice or attract customers by quoting low prices, please don’t fall into the trap as they may pass on refurbished equipment.
(c) The company does not stand warranty/guarantee on any equipment which is bought from these unauthorized sources.
(d) Company gives warranty/guarantee only on equipment bought from companies authorized showrooms or dealers.

Is this product checked before shipping them to me?

Yes., of course.

We have a professional Quality Control team.
They will check carefully for each item we received from the factory to avoid sending defective goods to our customers.

If an item is found defective to our Technical QC  team, it will be returned to the factory. Please don’t worry about receiving a defective item because we are committed to being a trustworthy brand.

Products Guaranteed

Factories that supply Sonoff are strictly evaluated by us, and we provide you an even better reassurance of consistent high quality thanks to our Sonoff Technical QC team. We double-check the contents of all orders carefully before dispatch to our customers a. Sonoff will maintain all product serial numbers and products ID for stop delicacy.

Lead time

Processing time 1-2 business days normally: We do strict quality-control tests and get the items carefully packed during this period.

Delivery time

Delivery time 3-8 business days normally in India.